KIK Recycle Program


We have finally implemented a KIK recycle program, so you can now earn KIK points with every jar recycled. You can use these points towards free purchases after you've accumulated enough. We will come pick up your empty jars to recycle them. We will accept pickups for recycled jars when there's an order for delivery. We will not come to pick up any jars for recycling until a new order is created.


Please follow the steps below to successfully recycle your jars:

How to recycle KIK jars?

  1. After finishing jars, make sure to wash them thoroughly (Any jars that have not been cleaned will not be awarded any points).
  2. Put all clean jars in an plastic bag.
  3. After receiving new order, give delivery man the old (and clean) jars for recycling.
  4. Please send us a message on Instagram, Facebook, or email ( to inform us that you are returning jars for recycling, and how many you've sent.
  5. Upon receiving the jars, we will send a confirmation and add 10 points per jar to your KIK points Homepage.
  6. After receiving confirmation, check your updated KIK point balance.

If you have any questions please send us an email at