KiK Loyalty Program


You can now earn KIK points with every purchase. These can be used anytime in exchange for discounts. The more KIK points you save up, the bigger the discounts are.

All you need to do to start earning points, is to make an account. Upon signing up you will receive a welcome bonus. You can use these points towards your first purchase, or continue saving to get more value off of your points. You must create an account when checking out, to receive points for your purchase. Checking out as guest will not provide any points on purchase.

How to earn KIK Points?

  • 1 point for every 1LE spent on our website
  • 10 points for every recycled jar (learn more)
  • 250 points for signing up
  • 250 points for sharing us on Facebook
  • 125 points for liking us on Facebook or Instagram
  • 250 points on your birthday

How to redeem KIK points?

  • Step 1: Log into your KIK account
  • Step 2: Press the KIK logo on the bottom left of the Home Screen, to view your Kik points.
  • Step 3: Press ‘redeem’ to convert your KIK points into a coupon code.
  • Step 4: Press ‘apply code’ to redeem at checkout, or copy for later use.


  • 5LE discount for 250 points
  • 15LE discount for 500 points
  • 30LE discount for 750 points
  • 50LE discount for 1000 points
  • 150LE discount for 2000 points
  • 400LE discount for 4000 points

Points can be added together for bigger rewards.

You can't redeem partial points.  

Referral System

You can now earn 250 KIK points for every friends you refer to KIK. Your friend will also receive 25L.E towards their first purchase. Make sure to invite all your friends for a chance to earn free KIK goodies.