About KIK

KIK was created to provide a healthy alternative to all the sugary products in the market. We believe everyone deserves to know what they are putting in their body, and feed it the highest quality food.

KIK was founded by 2 siblings; Farrah and Karim. As one lived in Egypt, and one lived in Canada, they realized Greek yoghurt, a staple food item worldwide, was missing from the Egyptian market. In 2018 they launched KIK Greek yoghurt with a mission to offer highest quality Greek yoghurt, that doesn’t compromise on flavour or healthiness.

We take pride in the products we make. All of our Greek yoghurts are without any sugar added. We handpick all of our fruits to perfection, to guaranty the freshest flavours. We don’t use any artificial flavours. Our goal is to bring KIK to all of Egypt, and to offer other healthy alternatives to our product line.


About Our Products

KIK greek yoghurt was just the beginning. We are on a mission to offer the healthier alternative to many products out there. With the market flooded with foods containing processed sugar, processed fats, and processed everything, we like to distinguish ourselves by making our products with natural ingredients only. We thrive in finding the perfect balance between flavor, and healthiness.


Greek Yoghurt

KIK Greek yoghurt is thick, creamy, and very filling. It is healthier than traditional yoghurt because it is lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein. This makes it excellent for everyday use and sports enthusiasts. Greek yoghurt is also lower is lactose, making it much gentler on the stomach for lactose intolerant people. 

 Plain Greek Yoghurt (per 100g) Plain Traditional Yoghurt (per 100g)
Total Fats 2g 3g
Total Carbs 4g 6g
Sugar 4g 6g
Protein 10g 3g
Calories 74 cals 63 cals


All of our fruit flavor KIK Greek Yoghurt is made with fresh fruits, that is hand picked to perfection. We don't use any processed sugar or artificial ingredients in any of our Greek yoghurt flavors. We use natural sweeteners such as honey and stevia to guaranty sweetness without sacrificing calories.


Greek Yoghurt Popsicles

Our Greek yoghurt popsicles are the per fact blend of sweet and healthy. Made only of Greek yoghurt, fruits, and Honey allowing you to consume as many as you Crave. Each one of our popsicles has 5-6g of protein, making it a perfect treat after a workout. Its even better to each it on a warm afternoon to cool up and refresh while nourishing your body.

Peanut Butter

Our peanut butter is made of 100% peanuts only. We roast our peanuts to enhance the nuttiness flavor in every peanut. Unlike many products in the market, we don't add any hydrogenated oil, sugar, or salt in our peanut butter.

KIK peanut butter is great in a variety of ways. Who doesn't love a peanut butter and jam sandwich? How about a peanut butter cheesecake? How about just a spoonful of plain peanut butter. Peanut butter is used in many recipes, so why have it full of chemicals, when you can have it as natural as peanuts are.


We bake our Granola fresh daily! we use high quality oats to create the delicious crunch everyone craves. It goes hand in hand with Greek yoghurt, and is healthier than any cereal out there. While our granola is sweet in taste, it does not have any processed sugar in it. We sweeten our granola with honey, as it is a natural sweetener.