Made with Health in mind

All of our yoghurts are delicious without compromise. Every Jar is packed with protein and active live cultures, making it the perfect snack, breakfast or dinner. We've decided to skip the sugar, and use stevia and sometimes honey instead to balance out the calories and macronutrients, giving KIK Greek yoghurt the healthy edge everyone is looking for.

KIK of Goodness

We thrive in making our greek yoghurt to perfection. Each jar contains the perfect balance of flavour & creaminess to satisfy your tastebuds. With our wide variety of flavours, theres no wrong way of having your KIK of goodness.

KIK Parfaits

Mix and match to make different creations.

Build Your Own

Popsicles so fresh

All of our Greek yoghurt popsicles are made with natural ingredients. Any fruit that goes in our popsicles is hand picked to ensure highest quality. We never use artificial flavouring or colouring in our products. The perfect balance between dessert and healthy.

KiK Loyalty Program

You can now earn points, which are redeemable as free KiK products. Receive points for signing up, with any purchase or even for your birthday. You can even receieve 250 KIK points for every friend or family you refer, to use towards your next purchase. We also offer 10 KIK points for every jar you recycle.

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