About Us

Kik was created to provide a healthy alternative to all the sugary products in the market. We believe everyone deserves to know what they are putting in their body, and feed it the highest quality food.

Kik was founded by 2 siblings; Farrah and Karim. As one lived in Egypt, and one lived in Canada, they realized Greek yoghurt, a staple food item worldwide, was missing from the Egyptian market. In 2018 they launched Kik Greek yoghurt with a mission to offer highest quality Greek yoghurt, that doesn’t compromise on flavour or healthiness.

We take pride in the products we make. All of our Greek yoghurts are without any sugar added. We handpick all of our fruits to perfection, to guaranty the freshest flavours. We don’t use any artificial flavours. Our goal is to bring Kik to all of Egypt, and to offer other healthy alternatives to our product line.