Savoury & Sweet KiK Greek Yoghurt recipes

Do you like it Savoury or Sweet? KIK Greek yoghurt can be used in a multitude of different recipes. Below you will find and sweet and fruity recipe, as well a salty and savoury recipe. Try them both and tell us which one you like more. Our Greek yoghurts are here to satisfy your every mood! 

Savoury recipe


1 slice of toast
2-3 tbsp KIK Greek yoghurt (plain)
1 tsp olive paste
Pinch of black seed
Pinch of sea salt
Pinch of chilli flakes (optional)


1- Mix KIK plain Greek yoghurt with olive paste and spread on slice of toast.

2- Sprinkle black seeds, sea salt and chili flakes on top.


- If you don't have any olive oil paste, get your favourite olives and mince them very small. This mixture of minced olives can be used in the recipe as olive paste

- You can mix the chilli flakes and salt into the Greek yoghurt mix in step 1 to enhance the olive taste. 

Sweet recipe


1 slice of toast
3 tbsp KIK Greek yoghurt (Mango)
1/2 kiwi
1.5 tbsp KIK granola
Pinch of chia seed


1- Spread KIK mango Greek yoghurt on slice of toast.

3- Cut kiwi into slices and spread it on top of toast.

4- Sprinkle granola and chia seeds. 


- You can exchange the KIK mango greek yoghurt, with any of our fruit Greek yogurts.

- You can exchange kiwi with slices of any desired fruit.



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